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Last night i bought an omni drink for my boyfriend. Apparently bringing it home it wasn't the right size bottle. So i decided to go today and return it and get the right kind.

When arriving to the store, the store didn't open until 10:00A.M. and it was only 9:47 so i waited until it opened, as time flys by it was 10:05 and still the doors were not open. I decided to call the store number to see if anyone would pick up in the back, no one answered. Finally a lady came to open the door at 10:15. I walked up to her and kindly asked her

what time did the store open, she said when the lights are on....

I was already livid from her smart remark so i waited ten more minutes for her to open up the store in which she should of done before 10 o'clock...

When she had the doors unlock and the lights on i walked in and asked her if i could get one of the omni's behind the locked glass door, she got the omni and asked if there was anything else i needed and i replied nope nothing else

when i approached the register i placed the bag of my previously purchased unopened omni on the counter to exchange it

She gave me a really mean face and said no mam we dont exchange liquid drinks, I was just furious at this point i explained that last night when i came to get this omni i spoke with a man named raphael and he assured me if i wasnt happy just bring it un open and i could be able to exchange it no problem

She told me it doesn't matter mam i am the manager and he knows we can not exchange liquid items

I asked her for a corporate number

She told me to hold on and went behind the employees only door

While waiting i picked up my receipt and read the back of it for the return policy thinking well maybe this is really there policy i just didnt read it.... NO NO NO the return policy clearly states if not satisfied with 90 days of purchased you are entitled to a refund as long as it is unopened.

So when she came back i held the receipt up and showed her what i just read and she told me no mam that return policy doesnt apply to the omni but yet this is my receipt for the purchase of my omni and never did the return policy said it excluded anything

very poor management, her name is Maria and she is the manager at the irving mall she does not know what she is talking about, it is ashame that there are such idiots in the world

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #784799

The store should have been open on time and vitamin world is in no way shape or form liable for your boyfriend passing his "drug test" it is a body cleanser the best advice is to ask for a 24 hour detox not ask for what can I take to "pass a *** test"


It sounds more like you picked up the wrong item you hubby wanted to clean him up for his drug test, and you just got *** at the store for recognizing it and calling you out.--Ha Ha to you.

to Wromg item?, or Drug Test was San Antonio, Texas, United States #699783

Drug test or not MIND YOUR OWN F'N BUSINESS DUMB ***. Its nosy people like you that deserve to get their *** kicked.


That is a shame that you had to deal with that the manager should defiantly get in a lot of trouble they can look on the day you came and see if she clocked in late also we have the easiest return policies ever If for any reason you arent satisfied with any product we sell you are entitled to a refund. like the other person said you should call the home office and ask to contact the district manager he/she will not only be able to refund the product I promise that they will discipline the manager.

We strive to have the best customer service IN THE WORLD and I know if the company finds out about this they will correct the issue.

Please do not let on bad person ruin a great company for you. We are one of the cheapest retail vitamin stores and where manufacturer of the year more than 3yrs


Call another store, ask how to contact the district manager, talk to them tell them what they did, the manager should lose there job if the threats are true. We're supposed to have the best customer service in the world and clearly you were lied to.

Look at the bottle, it says guaranteed to work if you're not 100% satisfied return it to your place of purchase. In short, call... complain... demand retribution...

and hope the manager gets fired for not following VW policy. Last thing hope your bf passes his *** test.

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